Does Your Period Stop in Water? Facts & Tips.

Does Your Period Stop in Water? Facts & Tips.

Whether you're going on holiday or enjoying a swim in your local pool, one question might have crossed your mind. "Does water stop your period?".

In this guide, fluxies will bunk myths, provide tips, and hopefully, answer all your questions about swimming on your period.

Do Periods Stop in Water?

Despite what many people believe, your period doesn't actually stop when you're in water. According to the NHS, the UK's largest health website, periods continue regardless of whether you're in water or not.

So, why the lack of visible period blood when you're in water? When you're in water, the external pressure exerted can temporarily counteract the force of gravity. The water pressure may essentially 'push back' against the menstrual flow, preventing it from leaving your body. This counteraction can give you the false impression that your period has come to a temporary stop.

But it's important to remember this is only a temporary effect. Once you step out of the water, gravity takes over again, and your menstrual cycle will continue as it normally would. While it might seem like the water has paused your period, this is simply a trick of physics at play. So, it's important to be prepared with period protection for when you're out of the water.

Can You Go Swimming on Your Period?

There's no reason to stop swimming during your period. Swimming can actually be a great way to get some relief from those pesky period cramps and boost your mood.

When you're in the water, your body releases endorphins, which are like natural painkillers, helping you feel relaxed and happy. Gentle exercise, like swimming, is also known to help reduce menstrual cramps.

However, if you're swimming on your period, it's important to be prepared with the right period protection. Wearing the right period products will make sure you enjoy your swim without any worries about leaks or accidents.

What Should I Wear When Swimming On My Period?

When it comes to swimming on your period, it's important to be prepared with the right period protection. Wearing the right period products will make sure you enjoy your swim without any worries about leaks or accidents. Let's explore the options available and see how they compare:


Tampons are a common choice for lots of people because they are discreet and offer good leak protection. Tampons are inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual flow. While tampons can be a good choice for swimming, some people find them uncomfortable or struggle to insert them. There is also risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) if tampons are not changed regularly.


Wearing period pads while swimming is not recommended. When pads get wet, they stop absorbing menstrual flow and can become uncomfortable, and noticeable. Pads are more suited for non-water activities where you can change them more often.

Menstrual Cups:

Menstrual cups are an environmentally friendly option as they are reusable. They are worn inside the vagina and collect menstrual flow. However, some women find inserting and removing cups difficult, and they require proper cleaning between uses.

Period Swimwear:

Period swimwear is a rising star in the period product arena. Period swimwear is designed with built-in leak-proof layers, providing period protection without the need for additional products. They are comfortable, secure, and offer a hassle-free solution for swimming during your period. With period swimwear, you can enjoy your time in the water without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

One of the main benefits of period swimwear is that it is comfortable and feels like normal swimwear. It also reduces waste, as it is reusable and washable. Period swimwear is gaining popularity for its convenience and functionality in the water. It's quickly becoming a go-to choice for many women.

Swimming on Your Period Can Actually Relieve Cramps

If you're still worried about taking a dip in the water during your period, here's something that might change your mind. Not only is swimming safe during menstruation, but it can also offer you some much-needed relief from PMS-related cramps.

A 2018 study of 70 people who experience PMS, looked at the positive impact of swimming on period symptoms. The findings showed that swimming had a huge effect in reducing both physical and psychological PMS symptoms.

Engaging in light physical activity, such as swimming, can work wonders in reducing discomfort during your period. The gentle movements and lightness of the water can help to soothe and calm you. This makes swimming a great option for women who prefer a more relaxed approach to exercise during menstruation.

So, the next time PMS symptoms strike, consider slipping into your period swimsuit and heading to the pool. Embrace the gentle rhythm of swimming and let the water work its magic in soothing your body and mind.

While we're here, let's debunk a few other myths:

Myth #1: Periods attract sharks

Some people believe that sharks can sense menstrual blood from miles away when you're swimming in the ocean. This is nothing more than a myth. Sharks are indeed highly skilled hunters with acute senses, particularly their ability to detect the faintest odors in the water. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that menstrual blood causes shark attacks in any significant way.

Myth #2: Swimming on your period is dirty

To begin with, menstruation is a natural bodily function experienced by nearly half of the world's population. It is a completely normal and healthy process, and it does not make anyone dirty or unclean. Menstrual blood is a combination of blood and uterine lining, and it is not "dirty" or harmful.

Modern period products, like period swimwear, are specially designed to provide protection from leaks. This allows you to swim without any issues. These products stop menstrual blood from entering the water, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience.

Myth #3: You're Going to Leak in the Water

Without proper period protection, there is a possibility of leaks while swimming. However, there are lots of options available to let you enjoy the water worry-free. These include period swimwear, tampons, or cups.

Unless you choose to share this with information, there is no way for anyone to know that you're on your period. Period products are designed to be discreet and functional, so you can feel confident swimming.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're planning a holiday getaway or simply want to indulge in some water therapy, let go of any hesitations. Embrace the water and all the joy it brings, regardless of your period. Remember, you're in control, and with the right preparation, you can have a great time in the water, free from worries.

Commonly asked questions

Is it okay to go swimming if I have a heavy period?

Yes! You can go swimming, even if you have a heavy period. With the right period protection, you can enjoy the water without any worries. For a heavy period, using a combination of period swimwear and a menstrual cup or tampon can provide the best protection.

Period swimming pants are designed with built-in layers to prevent leaks. Pairing them with a menstrual cup or tampon ensures maximum absorbency, so you can swim comfortably without fear of leaks.

Can I go in the pool on my period?

Swimming in the pool during your period is completely hygienic and safe. With the right period protection, you can enjoy the water without any worries. Swimming pool water is also treated with chlorine, so any traces of blood would be harmless.

Can you swim on your period with a pad?

It is generally not recommended to wear a pad when swimming on your period. Period pads are not designed to be used in water. The water can cause pads to swell up, leading to leaks and discomfort during swimming.

For a worry-free swimming experience during your period, it's better to go for alternative options like period bikini bottoms. These specially designed swimming period pants come with built-in layers to prevent leaks and offer the ideal protection.

Can I go swimming with a tampon in?

Yes! Swimming while you are wearing a tampon is possible and safe. Tampons are designed to be worn internally and can protect you against leaks while you're in the water. Tampons can vary in the amount of blood they absorb, so it's important to use the right tampon for your flow. It's also important to change your tampon regularly.

For added peace of mind, some people choose to wear period pants or period swimwear in combination with a tampon.

Can you go in the sea on your period?

Yes! You can go swimming in the sea during your period. To ensure a worry-free experience, you can use tampons, menstrual cups, or period swimming costumes as reliable protection.

How does period swimwear work?

Period swimwear is specially designed swimwear that provides protection from leaks. Like period pants, this protection can usually last for up to 12 hours. This allows women to swim during their period without the need for additional menstrual products like tampons or pads.

Period swimwear is available in various styles, including period swimsuits, period bikini bottoms, and swim shorts. There is period swimwear for teens as well, providing young people with a comfortable and carefree swimming experience during their periods.

One of the best benefits of period swimwear is that it is reusable. Unlike disposable period products, period swimwear can be washed and used again, making it more eco-friendly. Looking for good period swimwear in the UK or internationally? Check out fluxies period swimwear!