First Period Guide: Period Panties for Teens

First Period Guide: Period Panties for Teens

Growing up, we'll have to deal with a lot of changes in our bodies, and that's why a teenager's first period can be such a confusing time. It seems like there's no way to prepare yourself for it, but there are ways to help make this experience easier.

In this article, we'll talk about what happens when you or your teen's first period comes along, and how you can prepare for it. We'll also discuss some of the best products on the market that will make dealing with your menstrual cycle even less stressful!

Signs your first period is coming as a teenager

Signs of puberty are not always obvious, and it's easy to miss them. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it could mean your period is coming soon:

  • Feelings of fatigue (maybe even sleeping more than usual)
  • Weight gain or loss without dieting or exercising more than usual
  • Breast growth (and/or other changes in breast size)

These are all signs that puberty is approaching! If you notice them happening to yourself, then congratulations--you may be getting closer to starting your period!

What is a normal period?

You may have heard your mum or friends talk about having "heavy" or "light" periods, but what does that mean? A normal period is when you bleed for about five days in a row. The first day of your period is usually the heaviest, and then it eases as you go through each day of bleeding.

The average length of time between periods is 28 days (that's counting from one cycle to the next), but many girls get their first period at different ages--anywhere from 12-16 years old! If you've gotten your period before age 15 and haven't started yet, don't worry! It can take some time before the body gets used to having blood flow out regularly every month.

If anything doesn't feel right, talk with an adult who knows about these things, so they can help figure out why this might be happening and give you some advice.

How heavy will my flow be when I start my period?

Heavy flow is a common symptom of first periods. It can be a shock to the system, but it will settle down over time. When you're starting out, it's important to wear something that is absorbent enough for your flow — we always recommend our Heavy Flow Period Pants for starting your first period. They are super comfy and feel like regular underwear, but they absorb menstrual blood and prevent leaks!

What colour is normal period blood?

Red is the most common colour of menstrual blood. It can be a dark red or light pink, depending on how heavy your flow is. Brownish-red and black are also normal colours for your period, but if you have a dark brown discharge or black blood during your period, it's best to visit your GP as it could be a sign of an infection.

Read more about what the colour of your period blood means here.

What are period pants?

Period pants are underwear that absorb menstrual blood and prevent leaks. They are easy to use and more comfortable than traditional pads or tampons, making them a great option for teens starting their period. Period pants are also a much more environmentally eco-friendly option than traditional disposables, as they can be washed and reused for over three years. They come in different sizes and colours, so there's something for everyone.

If you're looking for a way to get used to having your period while still feeling like yourself, period underwear is an excellent choice. It will allow you to feel confident throughout the day, without worrying about leaks or stains!

How do period pants work?

Period panties are underwear with built-in absorbent layers that act like tampons or pads--but without any strings or wrappers involved! They're reusable (which means they need washing), so once they've absorbed your period, they can be washed and go into rotation again without any additional purchases required (or trips back to the supermarket). And because they fit right under regular pants or skirts without showing through at all, they provide comfort while still being discreet.

Period pants have a built-in gusset that wicks moisture so you feel dry and fresh, absorbs menstrual blood, and the waterproof backing prevents leaks. They're designed to be worn during your period and can be used over and over again.

When you use period pants, you'll need to change them whenever they get full of blood (usually every eight to twelve hours or so). You will know when it's time to change your period pants for a new pair, as they will feel 'full'.

How to wash period pants

Follow these three simple steps when washing your period pants, and they'll last years to come:

  • Hand wash in cold water or chuck them in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. This can affect the fabric's absorbency and cause it to wear out faster than normal.
  • Dry on the line or on a radiator at low heat. Do not iron, as this can damage your period panties! 

Ways to manage your period more easily

The best way to manage your period is to be prepared. If you're a teen, it's important that you know what's going on with your body and how to handle it.

  • Use a period tracker app like Clue (iOS and Android) so that you can track when your period comes each month.
  • Wear loose clothing and light fabrics such as cotton instead of polyester blends. Natural materials are much more breathable and gentle to your body.
  • Have backup supplies ready, like extra pairs of period panties. Also, keep pain relief handy, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol tablets. Keeping extra supplies in your school bag or locker is always a good idea.

Top tips for parents dealing with their daughters first period:

  • Be prepared. The best way to deal with your daughter's first period is to be as prepared as possible. Make sure you have enough supplies ready, and make sure they are easily accessible in case of an emergency.
  • Support her — and yourself! The first time a girl gets her period can be overwhelming and scary, but remember that this is a big moment in her life. You might feel a little nervous too, since it's something new for both of you, but remember: Your daughter needs your support now more than ever!
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions or talk about the subject openly (with age appropriate language). There may be situations where she needs more information about what's going on down there, because she doesn't fully understand what's happening yet. Don't hesitate to ask questions if necessary! And remember: If there are things she doesn't want you knowing yet, then you should respect those boundaries, just like any other person would expect.
  • Teach your daughter about the different options available to her, so that she can choose to use what she feels most comfortable with. Our Teen Period Kit is a great starting point for teens, as it contains three pairs of our best-selling Teen Period Panties in fun colours. Your teen will feel comfy too, as they are made from moisture wicking and breathable certified Organic Cotton. Plus, our Teen Period Kit comes in a cute colourful box, that is to die for! When you're looking for the best period pants, check the materials used and the absorbency levels, as this differs among brands.

In the end, it's all about having a positive attitude towards your period. It can be scary at first, but once you get used to it, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about! Just remember that if something feels wrong or hurts too much, then see your doctor immediately.