How to Wash Period Pants | Top Tips and Care Advice

How to Wash Period Pants | Top Tips and Care Advice

From periods to urine leaks, fluxies does so much more than regular underwear does. Taking care of your new underwear is super easy, and looking after them properly will make sure they're ready for years to come. Whether you're trying out period panties for the first time or just want some tips on how to take care of your existing pairs, here’s how to clean your period underwear so they can do their thing, for years to come.

Using period pants for the first time

After opening your period underwear, wash them by hand or in the machine before your first use. This will reduce any leftover residue from the manufacturing process and make sure that they are at their maximum absorbency.

First step: Rinse your period pants

First, rinse your period pants in cold water. Our top tip is to do this in the shower, as it's easy, quick, and uses less water! Just make sure that you rinse them well until all the blood has rinsed out and the water runs clear.

Second step: wash on a cool wash (30° or less)

The next step is washing your period panties. You'll want to use a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Then, make sure you wash them on a cool wash (30° or less). Finally, don't forget not to use fabric softener: this can create a film on the top layer of the underwear which can reduce the absorbency.

Finally: hang to dry or dry on a radiator

The final step is to hang your period pants to air dry. You can do this by either hanging them on a clothes horse, hanging them outside in the sunshine (if you're lucky enough), or hanging them on a radiator to dry. Don't tumble dry them as this can damage the leak-proof layers in the underwear and affect the performance.

And that's it! You're ready to use them again.

It really is as simple as that. If you follow these three simple steps, your period underwear will be good to wear for years to come.

Can you hand-wash period underwear?

Yes! You don't have to use a washing machine and you can absolutely hand-wash your period underwear. Just remember to use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener, as this can damage the absorbency of the underwear.

We find that hand-washing is best done in a washing up bowl, in a sink full of cool water, or in the shower! After washing, hang them up on a radiator or somewhere else they'll dry quickly but gently enough.

Will my period pants be stained from the blood?

No, your period pants will not be stained by the blood. The blood will be absorbed into the fabric of the pants and can be washed away with cool water and mild detergent.

How long do period pants take to dry?

You'll need to hang your period panties to dry, as tumble dryers can affect the absorbency. This, and the fact that they include absorbent layers, means that they take slightly longer than regular underwear to dry.

If you're drying them on a radiator or in the sun (in warmer weather), then they will dry more quickly. You should also note that this depends on how absorbent your pants are. The more absorbent they are, the longer it will take for them to dry.

Top tip: You can squeeze your underwear tightly in a towel to release any extra moisture and help them to dry faster than normal. 

Do I need to wash my period underwear separately from my other clothes?

Washing your period underwear with your other clothes is absolutely fine. Just as you would with a normally, wash your period underwear with clothes that are of a similar colour. The blood from your period underwear will not spread to your other clothes and you can rest assured everything will clean properly.

What will happen if I accidentally put my period pants in the tumble dryer?

If you accidentally put your period pants in the tumble dryer, the absorbency could be slightly reduced but they should be ok as long as you don't do it often.


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Q) What are period pants?

A) Period pants are a type of absorbent underwear that are worn during your period to absorb menstrual blood and prevent leaks. They can be washed and reused many times, making them an eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads or tampons.

Q) How long can I wear them for?

A) This depends on the brand and style. Our period pants can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time!

Q) How many pairs do I need?

A) We recommend having at least 5 pairs of period pants to cover your cycle, and to make sure that one can be in use while the other is being washed — this way there will always be clean ones ready to go when needed! You may also want to consider buying some backup pairs incase any get damaged or lost along the way. Why not build a set of period panties?

Hopefully, we've helped you to understand the best way to wash your period pants. We know that it can be a bit daunting at first, but once you get used to wearing period underwear then there's no going back! Don't forget that if you ever have any questions or concerns about washing your period underwear then please reach out!