5 Reasons You Should Say Goodbye To Disposables and Try Period Pants in 2023

5 Reasons You Should Say Goodbye To Disposables and Try Period Pants in 2023

Anyone with a period will probably tell you that they can be messy, painful, inconvenient and traditional disposables like tampons and pads also contribute to tonnes of landfill waste every year. But, the good thing is, it doesn't have to be this way! 

For decades, people with periods have only been able to easily access two products; disposable pads and tampons, but reusable products are now rising in popularity. There are different reusable period products that can be used when switching from disposable products, including period pants, menstrual cups and reusable tampon applicators. These products can be used as a complete replacement or some people like to use them alongside other products.

Our period pants are specifically designed to be worn as a complete replacement for disposable pads and tampons. Period pants work by using special layers that are built-in to soak up the blood and prevent leaks, day or night. You simply wear them just like you would wear your everyday underwear and then wash and reuse them, month after month.

With a long list of benefits, they are growing in popularity each and every month so we're here to tell you five reasons people love wearing period pants!


1. They're super comfortable!

Our period pants are made with built-in special layers that are moisture wicking, odour reducing, super absorbent and leak-proof — this keeps you fresh and leak-free all day long. With a smooth barrier of materials that are soft and ultra-thin, they can do their job whilst keeping comfort in mind at all times. With multiple absorbencies available, from light to super heavy, you can find a pair of period underwear to keep you protected for any flow.

We use natural super-soft materials so you feel like you're wearing regular everyday underwear whilst they absorb your flow and take away your period anxiety! 


2. Reduce your waste

We are living in our parents future right now! And for anyone that has children or chooses to have children, we are at the moment, living in our children’s past (deep statement, but think about it 🤔 and you’ll fathom out what I’m saying). The choices we make now are the legacy we leave behind for future generations. 

The average person uses 11,000 disposable pads, tampons and pantyliners during their lifetime (read more on this here) — that's a lot of waste going to landfill and ending up in our oceans. The average disposable pad will sit in landfills for up to 500 years and one pack of pads can contain as much plastic as four plastic bags! 

Our period pants are reusable and washable, lasting for up to three years and reducing your waste by up to 99.5%. They are also made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and practices such as Micro-Modal material that is sourced from beech trees in Austria. When comparing this to single-use pads and tampons that are also made from damaging materials such as plastic, you'll be making a huge impact.

The number of people switching to reusable products is thankfully on an upward climb and we are definitely heading in the right direction in reducing disposable sanitary waste. Switching to any reusable period product means that you are doing your bit for Mother Earth — yay!


3. They are cost effective

Whilst period pants can seem a little pricey at first, the upfront investment that you are making will save you money in the long run. If you are looking for period pants that are made using good quality materials and ethical manufacturing processes, you can be prepared to spend a little more. 

By switching from single-use disposables to reusable period pants, we've estimated that you can make as much as 50% savings after three years of reusing them. After the initial spend on a few pairs of period pants to cover your cycle, there is no further spend required for at least three years, and as each month goes by, the savings will start to add up! We usually recommend starting with four pairs to keep you covered, but of course, you know your menstrual flow best and depending on this, the average user may own between up to seven pairs. 

Our period-proof undies start from £17.95 and we offer Klarna to break the amount in to three monthly payments and you can also get 10% off your first order with code WELCOME10. We also offer a 60-day money back guarantee so that you can try your new period pants risk-free to make sure they work for you!


4. Period pants are simple to use

Depending on the style you choose (you can shop all of our styles here), period underwear can hold between 1-5 tampons' worth of blood, for up to 12 hours. You can use our period pants alongside a tampon or menstrual cup if you'd like to, but they can be worn on their own, completely replacing other period products. 

To use them, just wear them as you would any other regular everyday underwear and when you're ready to take them off, simply rinse them and put them in the wash with your other clothes. After washing, hang to dry or put them on the radiator and they will be good as new, ready for your next period. 

Here's the way we see it, if you're using products like a menstrual cup, pads or tampons, you're also wearing underwear anyway (unless you like going commando) — so why not get rid of the hassle, remove the extra products, and bleed straight into your pants? Now do you see why we love period undies?!


5. Say goodbye to your period anxiety

Ask anyone with a period and they'll tell you about the dreaded moment we've all had on our menstruation — period leaks.  

One of the most common worries for people with periods, especially when switching to a new period product, is leaking. Period underwear is designed to fit snugly and combines materials that are absorbent and leak proof to make sure that you stay fresh, dry and leak-free all day long. 

We believe that your period should never hold you back, so we've made sure that our period pants are truly leak-free. We're so confident that we offer you 60 days to try your new period undies, risk-free. 

Still not convinced?

You can find reviews from real people that have tried our period underwear on leading non-biased review site Trustpilot, where we are rated Excellent with 4.4 stars — FYI, that makes us the best rated brand of period undies on Trustpilot. Yay!

To make it easier for you, we've also rounded up some of our reviews from real people that have tried our undies and were skeptical at first. Have a read below and see what they have to say after trying them for the first time!


Sleep Short

Super Heavy Absorbency

'WOW! I tried it once, and automatically bought the second ones.
Nowadays I don't know what was I doing before having these sleep shorts.
I prefer them for sleep but I've also used them wearing a dress. So comfortable!
You can be calm while wearing them, carefree.'

- Cecilia, Spain


Classic Bikini

Heavy Absorbency

'Fabulous. New to period pants. Fantastic absorbency for nighttime and day time. Day time could wear for 3 hours before having to swap out. Performed much better than imagined no other products used at the same time. Purchased a number of period pants from different companies and these were one of my favourite pairs.'

- Charlotte, United Kingdom